Our World My View


In celebration of the world around me, the  view through my lens


Based in Cornwall I am a wildlife/natural history photographer and naturalist.

While my taste in subjects is eclectic, my passion for wildlife, in particular birds, and the world around us meant a fast transition through the compact range of cameras to digital SLRs so now along with DSLR my zoom lens I can now not only see my world, but I can also bring it closer to me.

The advent of the smartphone has led to a slight change in my photography in that I always now have a camera with me (as I always have my phone with me). Phone photography has it’s own challenges but in my world challenges are there to be met head on and its a new dimension to the images take, and the fun I have taking them! The majority of the images I share on Facebook are taken with the iPhone.

On the website images from trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Australia and the Galapagos Islands share pride of place in my portfolio along side images taken in my garden and wider Cornwall and throughout the UK, simply put, Our world, My view.

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